The primary purpose of this page is to Save Camp Trexler. There has been a tremendous outpouring of support, just look at the comments on the Minsi Trails Council post with their official statement. People want to help this Camp. If you’re looking to Support Camp Trexler, a historic Camp that means so much to so many people and has a nearly 100 year legacy, this site is for you. Remember that the NUMBER ONE THING is TEAMWORK. Let’s work together, no single person can save our beloved Camp, but every single person can help. Here’s what YOU can do.

BEFORE WE START - This site does NOT encourage or condone personal attacks, threats of violence, harmful rhetoric, violence or destruction of ANY KIND, or any means that would not align with Scouting’s values. We will NEVER engage in any of this, and we expect all Camp Trexler supporters to uphold and never tarnish the legacy of Camp Trexler by engaging in such manners.

New Updates 1/10/23

Minsi Trails Council Mismanagement and Newly Reported Info for 2023

Minsi Trails Council continues to waste Council funds. Mr. Christ is allegedly looking for personal security for a Scouting event, held at East Hills Moravian Church, a public church, paid for with Council funds.

From trusted sources, the Minsi Trails Council Executive Assistant, Karen Scherer has reportedly reached out to a local security firm to hire security for the Minsi Trails Council Recognition Dinner held at the end of January 2023.

It was suggested that this security be for the Minsi Trails Council Scout Executive Rick Christ.

Mr. Christ continues to bring in a six figure salary, regardless of the fact that he rarely shows up, cancels established meetings, and continues to double down on his specific agenda. Why should Mr. Christ waste Council money on his own personal security detail? If Mr. Christ would listen to his Council members instead of putting on a show, wasting money, and playing victim, Minsi Trails Council would benefit greatly.

Here’s a look at how Minsi Trails Council management has “progressed” under Mr. Christ’s tenure as Minsi Trails CEO/Scout Executive.

Loss of Council Staff Retention and Low MTC Staff Morale

From the start, Rick Christ brought in his friend from another Council, Christian Averill at a 60k salary when many of the staff at his level were already salaried at the 30-50k range.

Rick Christ passed over a female employee with years of experience and a proven resume, told her there was no money in the budget, then sent his friend Christian for the training that she would have needed, but sent him and gave him the position instead.

Mr. Averill repeatedly made the work environment in the Minsi Trails Council offices uncomfortable, while Mr. Christ reportedly was quite unfriendly towards female employees. “He clearly is sexist. He told a story once where basically he told his 12 year old daughter she needed to learn to sit there and be quiet, no one wanted to hear what she had to say.”

Three female Executive level Minsi Trails Council employees all quit within months of each other. When new hires would occur, they didn’t tend to last. This office culture, Christ’s “my way or the highway” style of leadership, as well as general mismanagement all around, led to many Minsi Trails Council staff quitting under the helm of Mr. Christ. That’s all without mentioning four years of revenue loss, low membership numbers, loss of fundraising efforts, and a significant drop in volunteer efforts. Many other Councils out there are thriving, and working with their Scouts, Leaders, and Volunteers in an effort to build a Council that works with the wants and needs of its members.

Minsi Trails Council under the leadership of Rick Christ, consistently neglects the will of its members, spends wastefully, and is focused primarily on lining the pockets of the executives in charge.

For someone who is “just making a financial decision” in his hopes to push through the sale of Camp Trexler, Rick Christ sure is wasteful with money the moment it benefits him.

New Updates 4/27/22


We’ve been sent from a trusted source the Minsi Trails Council Real Estate Offer Summary From January 2022. Right as they were preparing to finalize discussions, and proceed with voting. As you can see, at the time of finalizing the proposal to sell camp Trexler, there was no interest in Camp Trexler, but other very valid offers that would solve the debt issue. Why was this the route that was chosen? To fit the will of Minsi Trail’s CEO, Executives, and Proposal Board.

Can We Honestly Save Camp Trexler?

Yes. There’s an overwhelming number of people trying their best to save Camp Trexler. As a collective team of volunteers, staff, scouts, and people who just love Camp, we can do this.

But how? We’ve come up with a few ways that this decision can be reversed. We’re primarily pushing for the use of the Weygadt Trust to save Camp Trexler. You can find info on the Weygadt Trust, and how we propose it should be used, here.

Here’s What You Can Do

Spread the word: Call, Email, Text Fellow Supporters

The best way to see our goal succeed is to spread the word. Share this page with everyone that you know who may care, and encourage those who might not! Let them know that there is support, and there are many people actively working to Save Camp Trexler. Share the link to this page to as many people as you can.

Contact Minsi Trails Council: Call, Email, Write a Letter

Another great way to show your support is to directly contact Minsi Trails Council and vocalize your support. Need help figuring out what to say? Make sure to take a look at all the info found here on this site. If you’re still not sure what to say - we’ve put together a few pointers.

What to Say - Introduce yourself. Be stern, but polite. Tell Minsi Trails Council that you are calling in support of Trexler Scout Reservation. Tell them that you would like to encourage the reversal of this decision, and that Council must explore different options of raising funds. (We recommend bringing up the Weygadt Trust. More info found below) Tell them what consequences will come of the decision to sell this Reservation, and what you will personally do if they do not reverse the decision (keep calm and level headed here, be strong, but do not threaten violence of any kind) We recommend promising cutting ties with the council/organization, pulling fundraising, and mentioning that you will no longer volunteer/support this council/local program. (These are suggestions, not the only ways though).

How to Reach Council - (610) 264-8551 | Hours: 9 AM – 5 PM (Monday – Friday)

These contacts are sourced directly from MinsiTrails.org, please do not contact these individuals on their privately owned cell phones, or at their addresses. All contact info below is appropriate to express your concerns.

Leave Minsi Trails Council a Review: Google, Facebook, etc.

A great method to show support is to leave an honest review of Minsi Trails Council, and your issues with it’s leadership decisions. You can find MTC on all social media platforms. They provide links to their social media here.

Keep in Mind:

  • Make sure you’re leaving a negative review for MINSI TRAILS COUNCIL. Please make sure that your review reflects that you’re leaving it for this specific situation, try not to leave a blank negative review.
  • Make sure you are productive with your reviews. We know that people may be uncomfortable leaving a negative review, as it may seem counter productive if we’re trying to help the Scouting Program. We understand. But we need to publicly display support. And that is where many will see things. Be civil. Be productive. A negative review to reflect your true feelings WILL help. Do we want to support an organization that does not value its members? If that’s how you feel, show it. If it’s not, that’s entirely fair.
  • DO NOT leave a negative review for Camp Trexler, Akelaland, or Camp Minsi.
  • Leaving a positive review on each of the Camp’s social media pages in support would be a great strategy of letting people know why these Camp’s are important.
  • If you leave a negative review, and Minsi Trails Council decides to reverse this decision, make sure you update it to positively reflect the current situation.
  • Leave reviews on multiple platforms (facebook, google are the big two)

Productive Peaceful Protests:

Should it come to it, we need to develop ways to show MTC that they’ve made the wrong decision. Peacefully. We’d love it if each district, troop, or group would wear their favorite Camp shirts, hats, merch, make signs, and peacefully display their support in whatever way the troop/district sees fit! Post photos online of your display, contact the local media. Show the world what Camp Trexler means to you. Make sure to follow all Scouting values and procedures.

Links and Important Forms

We’ve curated a list of information and documents that will be beneficial to have easily accessible. These are items that many of us will find helpful as we contact Minsi Trails, write our letters, debate methods of rescuing Camp Trexler, and will be useful in saving our Camp.

Pertinent Data and Info on Minsi Trails Council / Interesting Facts

These are public records as well as gathered info that may be interesting/relevant to our collective goal of Saving Camp Trexler. Use this data as you see fit.

Scout Executive Salary Info

  • Scout Executive: Rick Christ - 2019 Total Salary = $223,372 (pg 45 column E), Base level Salary = 161k, combined with Retirement and Nontaxable Benefits
  • Scout Executive: Craig Poland - 2018 Total Salary = $315,655 (pg 45 column E), Base level Salary = 165k+, combined with Retirement and Nontaxable Benefits

Money Spent on Golf Tournaments in 2019

2019 Golf Tournament Cost = $68,358 (pg 40)

Why this is Important - We’re aware that it costs money to make money to run this program, but if MTC put this much spending towards other means of fundraising, we may be in a different situation in regards to our Camps.

Money Spent on Dinners in 2019

2019 Dinners Cost = $64,152 (pg 40)

Why this is Important - Is it important to showcase this Program’s efforts and successes? Yes. We understand these events generate income for Minsi Trails Council, but we think council can do better by spending more on advertising and scouting recruitment as you can see below. A million dollars in fundraising means nothing when you have no scouts left in the program.

Advertising & Promotion in 2019

2019 Advertising/Promotion Cost = $43,453 (pg 10)

Why this is Important - MTC spends less on advertising/promotion than many of their other expenses. If Minsi Trails will not advertise their program, and more importantly here, their Camps, it’s no wonder they’re struggling. After some research, MTC does not put forth much funding to the advertising of their Camps, and instead relies on the Staff or Volunteers to create videos, visit Troops, create mailers, and promote their Camps. Council can and should do better.

Minsi Trails Council 2019 IRS Form 990 (EIN 23-1708585)

These are public records of MTC IRS Tax filings, overviews, profit net/losses, plus more for the years 2006 - 2019. https://projects.propublica.org/nonprofits/organizations/231708585

Recent year full filings are also viewable through the IRS.gov website

Minsi Trails Pandemic Paycheck Protection Plan Federal Loan Info (PPP)


Why this is Important - MTC was approved for PPP Loans during the pandemic most of which were forgiven. You’ll notice in 2020 they reported 210 Jobs, and in 2021 they reported 20 Jobs. While this may very well be explainable, who were the 210 jobs reported for in 2020? Records show that MTC did not employ Camp Staff, nor did Camp staff receive financial compensation. Why were 210 jobs reported for the first round, and only 20 for the second, yet the amount was the same. Where did this money go?

Public Documents found on Lehigh County Website

Other Things of Interest

Here are some other fascinating quotes, articles, and links that we think people may find interesting.

Morning Call Article 02/18/2020 - Link to Article or Alternative Link

Rick Christ - MTC Scout Executive:

“Despite Boy Scouts’ bankruptcy, Minsi Trails Council says it ‘will continue,’ without interruption” “In short, there will be no change to our local Scouting experience and activities.” The council’s camps, properties and contributions are controlled locally, according to the statement. The Minsi Trails Council reported $8.3 million in total assets and $1.85 million in liabilities in 2017, the most recently available IRS report. It also has a separate trust set up to maintain, develop and preserve scout camps, according to IRS documents.”

(this is in reference to the Weygadt Trust)

Rick Christ - Current MTC Scout Executive’s Resume:

The Press

The media has acted fast with this info, they’ve reported the decision to sell Camp Trexler, now WE need to reach out, share this site’s info with them, and show them that they should run a story about how Camp Trexler is going to be saved.

Recent Media Coverage:

Use ALL of the above info when you contact Minsi Trails Council, protest, talk to friends, and build up a massive support coalition. We believe in the power of teamwork, and know the Camp Trexler support team will get this done.

New Updates 4/25/22

Please see this extremely important update in regards to township changes in Tobyhanna Monroe, and how this affects Minsi Trails Council’s Property situation. Please see this document for a full rundown from our source.

We’ve also been sent the host chat log from the last MTC Zoom Call. The meeting could not be recorded, so unfortunately you cannot hear what MTC answered with, but you can see that the community is not pleased with their responses. Reports from those who are there say that it was uninformative, and left them with a sense that MTC was not prepared for this situation.

Received Executive Board Work Session Documents

Through the anonymous email at the bottom of the site, we have received from multiple corroborating emails containing documents related to the sale of Camp Trexler.

You can download these files here as a ZIP, or review them one at a time below.

Updates, What we’ve heard, & Things To know

We have heard many things from supporters of Camp Trexler and closely watching the conversation on Social Media. In this section we lay out updates to the situation, how Minsi Trails Council has responded to supporters, and bits of information that we think shows who the “at fault” people at Council are.

Publicly Sourced Information and Documents

We received some very important info about this sale, the other options, and the very interesting options they opted against even though it would make more sense financially.

Links to Document ZIP Here or view each document below

  • Compare Scenario 8 & 9 documents
  • Note in the “Concept Sheet from August” that they did not take certain action due to the board’s worry, and donor’s worries. It never takes into account the SCOUT’S, and STAFF, and VOLUNTEERS worries.
  • Note in the “Real Estate Offer” document that there are many other options, why was Trexler chosen when it makes the least amount of sense?

Minsi Trails Council can be a toxic work environment.

We received info from a source very close to Minsi Trails Council that morale at Minsi Trails Council is at an all time low. Most base level Council Staff are on the side of Saving Settlers Camp Trexler Scout Reservation. Here are a few ways that MTC is a toxic work environment.

  • Paul Oswald makes working at MTC a “nightmare”. Paul Oswald once texted a fellow MTC employee making fun of her visual appearance. He sent it to the “wrong person” and “apologized” but then spent many years gloating that he did this. We’ve been told that Paul Oswald would not “get involved” when things needed to be addressed with the old rivalries between each Camp’s staff. Paul made it worse by calling Camp Minsi “The snake pit”, and stating things like “ugh I now have to go to THE OTHER CAMP, wish me luck”. Why should a Council Employee speak like this?

  • Minsi Trails Council has a history of not supporting its Staff, instead allowing bad decisions and lack of planning. Morale is at the all time low at Council. The staff has stated that their opinions are not taken into consideration, and action is not taken in a timely manner. We’re told that the Scout Executive’s “favorites” some people even that have been brought in from out of council, but from his FORMER councils, are given all preferential treatment. The staff here are broken at the decision to sell Settlers Camp, Trexler Scout Reservation.

Minsi Trails Council is CENSORING its VOLUNTEERS.


We have seen the amount of support on social media, and hundreds of other ways. It’s out there, but even for totally appropriate comments, Minsi Trails has deleted them. People who are genuinely concerned, or asking legitimate questions.

Not to mention the now deleted comments here referencing the Minsi Trails Council Instagram account being used to consistently check up on multiple users personal accounts that the council does not follow. This means that they’d have to actively search, and click on this user’s profile to watch their stories. This has apparently been going on for months. Why won’t Minsi Trails allow the people who pay their salaries, and who this program is supposed to be FOR, give input, and ask questions to a NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION?!



Minsi Trails Council’s REAL plans.

We received info from a source very close to Minsi Trails Council that we are all being lied to. Council’s full plan is exactly what we theorized. They will be selling ALL CAMPS, even Camp Minsi in the near future. Their plan is to sell all Camps, build up the endowment, and run programs without owning property. They haven’t addressed concerns, or heard us out because it doesn’t matter to them. The decision is made.

Some of the Executive Board May have been Mislead before voting

We received info from a source very close to Minsi Trails Council that informed us that before the full Executive Board Vote, the smaller group of board members that decided to propose the selling of Camp Trexler may have misled the members of the full board. Members of the full board were told that a Cub Scout plan was fully developed, and would be ready to move forward. Their Cub Scout camp plan is projected to be around 2 years out. They were also told that there was more support for the decision to to sell. Would WELL MEANING members of the board have voted to sell if they knew that the smaller executive board was misleading them about the amount of support for this decision, as well as the lack of planning for one of the most vital parts of the scouting program, Cub Scouts? We assume not. We theorize that many of the execs on the proposition team were acting in their own personal interests, and are potentially involved in other organizations trying to gain capital from these sales. We’re looking into this more.

Minsi Trails Council’s further lies

Minsi Trails Council, specifically Ed Cool, has stated that “Camp Staff were involved in this decision”. We reached out to current staff from all Camps, they were not involved, and were not allowed input. When the Camp Directors DID try and give input during meetings with limited info, Council brushed their suggestions aside. Ed Cool tried to say “some staff are actually okay with this decision”. If that is true, who? Judging by the current public conversation, this is not true. Why do they need to lie to justify this decision?

Outdoor Programs Executive Board Member Disrespectful Quote

“Don’t worry about finding staff for Minsi, you just have to wait two years and there will be plenty to pick from” - Ed Cool

Minsi Trails Council Executives as it stands does not care about the people that pay their salaries, the youth that this program is supposed to cater to, their volunteers, and they do not respect their status as a non-profit organization, but they’ll actively take your money no problem. Let’s change Minsi Trails, and Save Camp Trexler.

What are some of the other effects that selling Camp Trexler will have?

  • Loss of Much Needed Space - Council will now only have ONE property to host all Off-Season rentals, District Events, Woodbadge, NYLT, Council events, Camp events, etc. Troops will now have a harder time finding local campsites to rent for their year-long program they develop, and everyone will be affected by the lack of options for scheduling their yearly program offerings.

  • Loss of Volunteers/Funding - Nobody will want to be a part of, or donate to an organization that dropped the ball on it’s core values, or one that does not respect its own members that it already asks so much of.

  • Loss of Historic Value - Camp Trexler is almost 100 years old. Having officially started in 1928, and even having run events earlier than that, this Camp has such a rich history. Please see this page for more info on the history of Camp Trexler, and what is at stake.

Why is this Happening?

This sale was determined by Council purely based on financial decisions. This has nothing to do with the current attendance at Camp Trexler, the Staff, the Camp Leadership, or the Camp Trexler Program. Looking at the data that exists, and from comments from MTC Executive Board Members, this was done entirely for financial reasons.

Why we’re Angry, Sad, and Determined to Save Camp Trexler.

MTC states that this was a purely financial determination. Well, that’s an interesting take considering that this is the BSA. A non-profit organization that is intended to benefit the youth in this program. Where does this ill-conceived plan fit the needs of current members and the needs of the youth in this program? It doesn’t. Nobody was contacted, no true attempt at other plans were tried, the heart of this program was ignored so that the higher ups can look good on paper before they move on up the “professional scouting ladder”. With all us volunteers, scouts, and leaders donating our money, time, and efforts, we think we ALL should have been contacted, and approached as to how we want to see the future of this organization/council evolve. Not a bunch of out-of-touch finance oriented heartless board members. We’re all here for the right reasons, it’s unfortunate that the Minsi Trails Council higher ups have lost sight of the mission, and lost respect for the land they were stewards of.

There is reason to believe that Minsi Trails Council came to this determination, so that they can get money from the sale of Camp Trexler now, and in the near future, they fully intend on selling Camp Minsi once the property value skyrockets in the Poconos. The land value in Jonas PA, where Camp Trexler is located is going to stay the same, or go down in value. We theorize that the Council doesn’t want to chance the value going down, so they sell Trexler now, and Minsi when they can capitalize on the higher property value. NO MTC Camp property is safe under the current Executive Board and Leadership at MTC.

Minsi Trails hastily made this ill-conceived plan for a quick cash grab. They’re not realistically looking at the support lost from this decision. A full plan to fund ALL Camps is possible, but only if we pursue it. We can’t give in and let Minsi Trails Council’s frail leadership, and poor decision making be the end of what we love.


We are a passionate group of people who want to ensure that Camp Trexler’s legacy remains. Our goal is to try and save Camp Trexler, and make information available for anyone interested. We want to build a cohesive effort, and have a place where former/present Campers, Volunteers, Camp Staff, and anyone else who cares about Camp Trexler, and wants to see this decision reversed, be able to act in a positive manner.

If you’re in, and plan on helping with the mission of Saving Camp Trexler, once you contact Council, Protest, or share this page to spread word, use the support hashtags #TeamworkToSaveCampTrexler #WeAreTheTrexlerRangers

click here to see how you can help!

Want to submit information to us? Send us an email at [email protected]. We will treat your privacy and your anonymity to the highest regard.